Amir Zaki songs

We lost a legend today, a legend of the Pakistani Music scene, a great guitar player, a beautiful Bass player and an extraordinary human being. We mourn his death by looking back at his career and some of the most memorable songs of the legend named Aamir Zaki.

Zaki was discovered first by Alamgir at age 16.  ‘Classic P.T.V.Global Video’ shows him with Alamgir playing a Flying V that he built himself. Zaki continued to make his own guitars.

We interviewed Aamir a few years back 

Aamir Zaki’s debut album ‘Signature’ was released in 1994 in Pakistan. Zaki was awarded a ‘Soundcraft’ Gold Disc for the debut. It sold worldwide gaining him a very loyal fan base.

The album contained only one Urdu song, ‘Mera Piyar’ and it reached Number 1 immediately, staying at the top of the charts for a while. Today ‘Mera Piyar’ is the most widely covered love song of the Pakistani mainstream/pop music industry,

Zaki’s second official release was ‘Rough Cut’. The duo of Aamir Zaki and Hadiqa Kiyani, ‘Rough Cut’ released an album of the same name, it was an all English album with only one Urdu song ‘Iss Bar Milo’ (‘Rough Cut’ 2005). ‘Iss Bar Milo’ recieved the award  for ‘Best song/video’ that year and reached Number 1 in the charts. Two english videos were released subsequently, ‘Living This Lie’ and ‘Be With You’.

Aamir Zaki was also a part of NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts) where he used to teach western music.

If you haven’t already, or if you want to reminisce, here are 5 songs we want you to listen to.

1: Mera Pyar – Aamir Zaki


2: Bhula Dayna – Aamir Zaki

3: Badnaam – Aamir Zaki

4: Iss Baar Milo –  Aamir Zaki Feat. Hadiqa Kiani

5: People are People – Aamir Zaki